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Howdy, everyone. This is mangaimprov, a DIY icontest for all manga series, inspired by raw_icontest and clamp_improv. What's DIY? Why, it's Do-It-Yourself, meaning your icons SHOULD NOT use any downloaded resources. You must only use YOUR OWN resource or experiment with your basic Photoshop/PSP tools. Just remember, experiment with anything you can get your hands on! For example, custom shapes work just as well as some light textures, and even utilizing photo's you've taken for other effects. ^^ NOTE: Downloaded fonts are okay to use, as it adds some spice to the entries. :)


o1. Your icons SHOULD NOT use any downloaded resources. You must only use YOUR OWN resource or experiment with your basic Photoshop/PSP tools.
o2. May submit up to two (2) icons per challenge.
o3. Icon must meet LiveJournal size requirements (at most 100x100 pixels and 40K filesize).
o4. Icon must have been specifically made for the challenge. No reusing of older icons is allowed.
o5. If no specific image is specified for the challenge you may use images from any manga you see fit. However, do not use anime screencaps, fanart or doujinshi. We only accept official artwork.
o6. Animated icons are welcome.
o7. You must be a member in order to reply to any entries or comments.


o1. Submission format is as follows:

URL: http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n146/Yuushuka/mi.png
Character/Series: Unknown
Resources: None (YOUR OWN RESOURCES! This is just for clarification. If you don't have visual proof of the resource, just state that you used one.)
Submit your icon in a comment to the submissions post by the deadline. Your comment will be screened so that only you and I and/or the other mods/maintainers can see it, preventing people from voting on the icon based on who made it. If you want to change your icon you may do so by posting it in a new comment to the submissions post as long as you do it before the deadline.

Deadline of submissions end on Friday evening, @ 8:00 PM EST.


Voting will begin on Friday, when the voting post is up, and ends on Sunday, @ 6 PM EST.

o1. When voting please vote in order like so:
First Place - icon #2
Second Place - icon #3
Third Place - icon #1
Special Category - icon #04
The Special Category is a side category of sorts. Voting on it is required, however. So don't leave it out when voting. The Special Category is based around themes to vote for. Which means, pick the icon you think best represents the theme. The themes (not in order) are as follows:

Most Creative: The icon that looks the most unique out of the bunch. Such as the best cropping, or which generally stands out the most.
Best Adaptation: The icon that shows to have followed the theme the best of the bunch. Self explanatory.
Best Caption: Pick the icon you think has the best phrase of the bunch. It could be what catches your attention the most, it if uses the best phrase out of lyrics provided, ect.
Best Color: Pick the icon you think stands out from the rest in terms of color. It doesn't HAVE to be most colorful. You could pick what icon you think the colors blend, if it's monochrome, if the colors are softest.
Best Typography: Pick the icon you think has the best looking text. Such as, best text placement, if used as a decoration, the nicest looking font, ect. Use your imagination.
There will also be a moderator's choice category which only I or any of the moderators will vote on.

o2. Do not vote for yourself, and only vote for an icon once.
o3. Do not post your icons that you use for this contest UNTIL the voting closes.
o4. Do not post your icon anywhere or use it anywhere until after the voting for that week has concluded.
o5. If you wish to use an icon from a challenge, ask the icon maker first and be sure to credit him/her. If you don't know who made it, ask us.


Moderators: occurred, catastrophiel, sunshinii, staticlights & tokyonoir

Banner Maker/s:
If you would like to apply as a banner maker, please reply here.

Banner Schedule
Week 1 & 2 & 7 & 10 & 14 & 18 & 22 & 26 occurred
Week 11 & 15 & 19 & 23 & 27sunshinii
Week 16 & 20 & 24 & 28 undini
Week 17 &21 & 25 & 29 tokyonoir


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